The new transformational role of technology in the emerging world

UntitledToday, technology is cresting a new transformational wave which will imbue us with a sense of belief, a sense of faith that has traditionally been only associated with religion.

Today, thanks to the contributions from technology over the past few decades, businesses have come full circle on the enhancement of efficiencies, operational control and cost reduction fronts. Enhancements and improvements in these areas alone are no longer providing them an edge as they have reached a point of saturation or ‘no differentiation’ in a competitive market that is swamped with similar product and services. Technology adoption has become a “Common Minimum Denominator” for everyone. In this set of drastically changed scenarios technology today must be geared to reinvent the businesses that they were catering to and provide transformative penetration into all aspects of the enterprise including improving products, serving the changing expectations of customers, and help in keeping pace with a dramatically changing business and technology landscape.

This does not mean that the earlier focus can be relinquished of improving the bottom line, cutting costs, rationalizing operations, and improving efficiencies. Where technology can and should help today is in complete business transformation, i.e. change in models, culture, processes – and this is where t4u’s core strength lies and is continuing to make a difference. Today, business and technology priorities are converging demanding a fundamental change at the very core and is increasingly becoming a part of the organization’s overall strategy. Billions of smart phones connected to the Cloud through high-speed wireless internet, hundreds of billions of connected “things” from cars to refrigerators to billboards – we are going to see a paradigm shift in terms of a hugely connected world in the near future – continuously exchanging information, seamlessly and intuitively. This new wave would compel unanticipated disruptive changes in societal structures, governance, economy, business, etc. Sectors, markets, workforces, organizations, etc, that are not able to align with this new wave shall likely crumble. Thus technology will bring about transformations that go beyond merely enhancing ability to maximizing human potential. It is the ultimate experience of transformation that has excited us the most, as a human race. In the last two decades, we have only witnessed a small part of what is possible. It was so because technology was the preserve of the few who could afford it. But with technology penetrating and transforming the bottom of the pyramid [as t4u’s ecosystem solutions have successfully done] transformational capabilities, possibilities and potential of technology innovation will envelop all in society.

Author:Pratap Hegde


Pratap leads telematics4U (t4u) as Managing Director & CEO with over 20 years of experience in the IT Industry and has been instrumental in setting up a number of companies in the vast spectrum of ITES and BPO/ KPO.


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