Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Autorickshaw Community While Redefine Standards of Urban Mobility in India

t4u ACE

telematics4u service pvt. ltd. (t4u) is a global deployer of end-to-end IoT-enabled platform solutions for real-world applications, in the cross sectoral convergence space of the emerging 4th sector (a hybrid of the traditional 3 sectors).

Headquartered in Bangalore with a footprint across 50 countries, t4u provides operations management solutions to diverse industry verticals and segments such as Automotive Logistics, People Mobility, OOH Media, Natural Resources (Sand, Iron-ore, etc.), serving government, corporate and social organizations across ecosystems that span geographies, socio-economic strata and cultures.

One of t4u’s verticals in the ubiquitous Urban Mobility Management space is the Auto Rickshaw Community Empowerment (ACE) initiative which has been conceptualized by t4u as a social impact business that aims to address the needs of a segment at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.  ACE assists auto rickshaw drivers to come together in self-organizing mutually aided co-operative societies (MACS) across different cities in India, forming strong cohesive communities of empowered drivers and their families with a common collaborative goal of Socio-Economic empowerment of the autorickshaw community while Redefine standards of urban mobility in India.

t4u also provides state-of-the-art Satellite Imaging Technologies for location-based analytics on traffic and people density, vital for gauging viewership of transit advertising media, integrating it with t4u’s proprietary HILT Index which delivers the credible ROI of the transit advertising media (Auto Rickshaw) via real time rich data analytics and MIS reports for effective management of brand campaigns, promotion of advertising panel spaces, etc. Besides, t4u also provides satellite tracking hardware and installation for LED back panels for auto rickshaws at zero cost to the drivers.

 t4u ACE fulfills the following objectives:  

  1. Socio-economic empowerment of the auto rickshaw driver community by providing novel means of earning additional revenue at zero investment from the auto rickshaw drivers, thereby empowering their families and reducing the income disparity in society
  2. The project is implemented through a co-operative model, where profits of the co-operative will be shared evenly among all members, which would support the drivers even during a  downtime
  3. t4u provides latest navigation and IoT-enabled technology on-board that help optimize their business and also enable the co-ops to float their own branded app-based auto-hire services
  4. Promotes safe, secure and accessible public transportation for commuters and alleviates long-standing pain points in the urban mobility segment.
  5. Auto rickshaw drivers receive an alternative source of income with zero investment, and many other social benefits such as health care, training, children’s education etc., for carrying the on-board advertising services
  6. Socio-economic equity and increased dignity for drivers by virtue of operating a branded auto-hire service, and better lifestyle
  7. t4u provides a unique and untapped OOH Media (LED display back panels of auto rickshaws) for advertisers, which comes fully loaded with t4u’s IoT-enabled platform and ecosystem solutions with mission-critical benefits to all stakeholders.
  8. Provides Satellite Imaging and Tracking Technologies for location-based analytics and HILT ratings to accurately gauge ROI of brand campaigns for the first time in OOH.

This is an exclusive Social Impact Initiative concept developed and owned by Telematics4u Services Private Limited and the company holds all the rights on the same.


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