Transit-Media Just Got an IoT Makeover

ACE Media

Outdoor and Transit Media in the Current Economic and Business Scenario

The Indian population is literally out-of-home – today, 70% of the time we are not in our homes, but outdoors – be it malls, offices, picking up kids, seeking entertainment, etc – where we consume OOH. This is driving growth in the transit media segment. There are a lot of malls existing and underway, plans to build 100+ more airports that will come up in this country. People are travelling all the time, metros have become the norm. This increasing infrastructure, along with the changing habits of the consumer, is creating the next big wave in advertising transit media in the OOH segment.

ACE Media

ACE Media is a unique initiative that provides a reliable advertising medium in the face of declining credibility of traditionally popular advertising channels.

Remotes are the nastiest villains for an Advertiser, having people zap through shows and ads alike on TV networks. Newspapers go unread as people are increasingly accessing Internet for content. With 6,000-plus newspapers in this country, the media planner finds it difficult to reach out to the target audience with even half the clarity that the alternate digital platforms are providing. But with OOH and transit media, technology is gaining ground in providing a scientifically data-driven medium with real-time monitoring and tracking, and now for the very first-time with ACE – a proven IoT enabled technology platform – with complete visibility of performance and metrics.

So, What or Who is ACE??

The Auto Community Empowerment (ACE) Ecosystem is conceptualized and executed by telematics4u services pvt. ltd. (t4u)

ACE-Ecosystem 1This is an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders knit together on an IoT-enabled technology platform, that, amongst a host of other first-of-its-kind innovations, clearly identifies and utilizes the ubiquitous autorickshaws as a scientific, aesthetic, technologically-enabled and effective means of transit media advertising, providing mass reach to consumers of a wide-spectrum of brands.

Transit-Media Just Got an IoT Makeover

ACE Tech

ACE provides a transparent and quantifiable performance metrics for measuring effectiveness via latest IoT technology solutions via HILT (High Impact rating with respect to Location & Time). Advertisements are mounted on aesthetically designed and neatly mounted [weather-proofed] LED-lit back panels of Autorickshaws. GIS, Satellite Imaging, GPS Tracking, Cloud/mobile technology and an IoT enabled platform are some of the latest technologies used to power the back-lit display. HILT provides clear and quantifiable metrics that calculates the cost-per-contact incurred by the advertiser based on the visibility and reach achieved by each campaign.

This is a clear game changer for the OOH/transit media segment wherein, for the first time they will have valid data to support their media plans and delivery targets. HILT is not only an invaluable planning and predictive tool for efficiency and gains from media plans, it has options for real-time tracking and monitoring of campaigns providing complete end-to-end transparency and visibility to the brands.

Ubiquitous Reach, Aesthetic Design and Day/Night Visibility

As opposed to the static nature of outdoor advertising, autorickshaws as transit media, wired up with LED displays are ubiquitous in their ability to reach the consumer wherever they may be, ensuring high recall and value for money – providing mass reach to people on-the-go, prompting impulse and thought-through purchases via high brand recall and immersion.

Auto Pictures

Innovation Roadmap for ACE – What More can Brands Expect..

Other innovations on a go forward will include the power to change ad copy in real time based on weather, time of day and location – allowing advertisers to add a level of context that means they can target the right people in an effective way. This relevance, coupled with this transit media’s ability to reach the masses, gives brands the opportunity to create campaigns that are remembered long after they have ended.

ACE Model and Social Impact – Beyond Media

Auto Driver

ACE is poised to impact 10 lac autorickshaw drivers’ families through its social, economic & technological inclusion initiatives for this community. ACE – Auto Rickshaw Community Empowerment, is a social impact initiative that empowers the largely marginalized auto rickshaw community. ACE, as principle curator of this ecosystem consisting of multiple stakeholders (such as leading brands, government, banks, etc) cognizes that autorickshaws are perceived in a rather poor light due to their being unorganized and fragmented up until now and addresses the perception of this community by first and foremost, helping them get organized via self organized co-operative societies (of auto rickshaw drivers and their families} in different cities and districts in India. Thereafter, ACE empowers them by installing the latest IoT-enabled LED displays, auto back panel installations, mobile apps, training, etc at zero cost. They are provided all assistance to create their own brand and identity and position themselves in a credible light as contributors to India’s urban mobility segment on par with other service providers that are state-run and funded or corporates (large taxi aggregator companies, etc).

The co-ops are governed by a regulatory body and provide economic and social benefits to its members via

  • Alternative income source: Income generated via advertising revenues provide an alternative source of income to the marginalized autorickshaw drivers, supplementing their single-source of income by ferrying commuters.
  • Training and skills upgradation – being an unorganized sector, autorickshaw drivers have not been trained on soft skills and lack the customer orientation much needed to remain competitive in the urban mobility segment which is increasingly being flooded by service providers that have access to training, skills, etc. ACE will address this crucial gap.
  • Financial Inclusion – ACE helps connect the financial and social security institutions with this segment that previous-to-now have not even had bank accounts, much less access to transact via digital means, which is much required today, to remain relevant in the economic landscape – ACE provides this support via booking apps, cash-free digital payment methods, etc.

 Safe and Secure Commuting

Since each autorickshaw is fitted with technology that ensures 24/7 visibility of its movements – it automatically renders commuting by autos as a safe and secure medium for women and children. This makes the job of the law enforcement authorities that much easier, as technology adoption is not resisted, but is welcomed by autorickshaw drivers as it incentivizes the same via its empathetic model of providing an alternative income source to the drivers.


ACE provides an operationally transparent advertising medium that is technologically superior, socially responsible and uniquely inclusive, to major brands, thereby increasing their brand capital and overall goodwill in the communities they operate. Not only that, ACE makes it possible for corporates to blend CSR activities into day-to-day transactions making CSR, not merely a separate and siloed activity, but a business-as-usual daily contribution towards social good, validating the credo that doing good, makes good business sense.


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