Advent of IoT in the Indian Market

IOT 1The Government of India has recognised the potential of IoT in the country and in its 2015 Draft Policy on IoT, it has stated that its objective is to create an IoT industry in the country of USD 15 billion by 2020. Nasscom also announced early last year that India aims to capture 20 per cent market share  in the global IoT market which would be worth $300 billion by 2020. With the increasing penetration of wireless internet and smart phones, India is poised for a high growth in IoT and the demand for IoT-based solutions will be exponential, thus leading to a vibrant market.

The biggest potential of IoT is not created by the physical objects being connected; it is created by the various IoT-based ecosystems made by connecting these physical objects to the Internet. Information stored in the cloud is useless if that information is not combined with sensors and analytics to give us intelligence to optimize products, services and operations.

In the enterprise sector, IoT-based ecosystems have opened up the opportunities to make organisations highly efficient and transparent as well as make life easier for people who depend on the sector. Rich data analytics and intelligence provided by the IoT-based ecosystems are producing better customer insights and their needs, helping organisations build completely new business models.  IoT-based ecosystems have immensely benefited automotive logistics, distribution logistics, people mobility solutions, cash management business, health management, outdoor advertising etc.

In the public sector, the government of India (GoI) has been an enthusiastic adopter of IoT technology. Its recent technology-friendly policies have been helping build IoT-based ecosystems in many areas like mining and transportation, agriculture, waste management, urban planning etc. This transition from manual to digital has helped various government authorities manage immense amount of data efficiently and the intelligence gained from the data has enabled them to comply with regulations. For a big country like India, IoT -based ecosystems have started empowering various levels of governance to build an environment of trust and capability for its citizens, and helped enterprises conduct their businesses with transparency and efficiency. GoI’s plan of developing 100 smart cities will lead to an explosion of IoT-based ecosystems in key aspects of a smart city like smart parking, intelligent transport system, tele-care, women safety, smart urban lighting, water and waste management etc.

In the world of personal health care, fitness wearable devices is slowly creating a growing IoT-based ecosystem in urban India. The market is at a nascent stage but has all the potential to become a big market. As more and more urban Indians move toward alternative healthier lifestyles, monitoring their bodies digitally for better fitness is becoming common practice. We will see IoT playing a significant role in this shift in lifestyle.

Based in Bangalore, India, telematics4U services pvt. ltd. (t4u) is a pioneer organization that designs and powers value ecosystems for the real-world, through Internet of Things (IoT). t4u enables digital transformation of industries by providing customized analytics-rich solution platforms to its customers, empowering them to effectively manage their operational processes with high visibility and control across the field of critical assets that they manage, right to the very edge of the supply chain.

At t4u, our IoT solutions are IoT-based ecosystem platforms  that are researched, developed and designed to integrate different elements of a business ecosystem or a government ecosystem and takes the entire sector to the next level in terms of productivity, efficiency, growth, transparency and excellence.

t4u IoT

In Wise Move – our automotive logistics ecosystem platform – the solution integrates all the stakeholders  such  as manufacturers , third-party logistics (3PLs) , transporters , drivers , return load providers , auto dealers, customers, etc – and delivers values to all. In the conventional linear approach, all the stakeholders will be treated as different segments and solutions will be sold to them in isolation. In t4u ecosystem approach, out technology connects all stakeholders in the supply chain in a shared-view environment, enabling real-time communication and providing access to decision-making data. One example: the truck drivers play a very important role in this sector and their safety is paramount. Our harsh braking and acceleration detector using  accelerometer, sensor and GPS tracker enables smart driver behaviour, thereby reducing accident risk, fuel waste, brake damage, and controlling aggressive driving.

In our people mobility vertical solutions, we have built an important technology piece called ‘Wise Fog Platform’ where we are able to control the car, monitor driving behaviour, provide support in emergencies and create a platform for recovery. The operational platform is very user friendly and can be viewed over web as well as mobile application platforms. The customer can also get many business operational analytics on the fly. A mobile phone using a bluetooth connection can open and close the door; ignition key is left inside the car and access to or exit from the car is performed digitally. We have created a sensor fog network inside the car where sensors are attached to the battery, the doors, windows and other removable objects. These are all IOT pieces interconnected together to prevent theft of removable items and they can be accessed only by an authorised person. Another important safety feature is that if the vehicle is stolen or faces unauthorised use, we have an option to remotely immobilise the car and receive an alert. We have also put in features like alcohol detection and other proactive safety features.

In distribution logistics, we are creating IoT ecosystem solutions for the e-commerce sector to solve the last mile challenges of delivery. Radio-frequency identification (RFID), beacon technology and bluetooth sensors are our building blocks for this solution.  We are working on route algorithms that will best serve the reverse logistics – a key area for the sector that offers its customers Return/Exchange/Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked. In cash management business, we are integrating surveillance with smart phone app using location sensing devices.

In the public sector, we have been a trusted government partner in developing IoT ecosystem solutions in iron ore mining, sand mining, agriculture, solid waste management, smart street lighting etc. Our platform solutions have transformed the conventional and manual administrative system into a transparent, simple and comprehensive digital experience that connects all the stakeholders – government, citizens, and business. Other than cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth etc, we have started using IoT technology like LoRa to connect smart devices with minimal data needs spread over tens of kilometres. This is particularly significant in controlling smart street lighting, solid waste management etc. Once Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) or NAVIC is declared operational, we will start deploying it in our solutions.

In outdoor advertising, we are installing a lot of beacons and mobile smart phone applications.  We are also putting technologies on the hoarding itself to monitor the hoarding quality – this includes whether the flex has torn, lights are on or off or missing, and many other quality metrics.

t4u with its ecosystem approach will continue penetration of existing key business verticals i.e. People Mobility in urban India, Natural Resources Regulation ecosystem, and automotive logistics ecosystem. We will enter prioritized new verticals: Distribution Logistics, Out-of-home media, Mining Operations and Logistics, GoI’s smart city projects, Express Cargo etc. We will expand and enrich our current offerings, and continue building the best-in-class technology platform. Expanding and strengthening our local t4u service provider (LTSP)  network is of paramount importance.

t4u’s vision is to enable  a World of Inclusive, Intelligent Ecosystems. We are a 4th sector organisation at the convergence of governments, public institutions, non-profit organizations & commercial enterprises to enable for-benefit solutions with social aims. We create transparent, simple and reliable digital experiences using our unique IoT technology called Internet of Everythink. We integrate a wide gamut of industry segments and verticals through our ecosystem approach which is powered by an intelligent network of local t4u service providers in 50+ countries.

The services and values we deliver are driven by a strong sense of commitment to the society we live in. The world is at the cusp of a massive technological revolution as hundreds of billions of intelligent, connected devices will transform the physical world. Homes, industries, cities, offices, schools, colleges etc and everyday objects are being connected to the internet with powerful data analytic capabilities that will transform the way we work, live, and play. At this moment in history, t4u recognizes the importance of technology with a social conscience. Our Internet of Everythink is aimed at building a connected future that maximises the benefits of IoT while reducing its risks.




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